Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Travel Tips: How to Stay Fit for Holiday Travel (Guess Blog)

Today's blog is courtesy of Holly Rigsby

What is your plan to stay fit while you travel this holiday season?
What's that? ....You haven't had time to think about it? ....You've barely begun to think about what outfits to pack, let alone a fitness plan?

Well just as you would not leave the house without a map or directions to reach your destination - why would your traveling without a fitness plan be any different?
While on the road here are 5 Travel Tips to make the Most of your Holiday Trip

1. Pack Travel Snacks
Pack some good snacks to take along for the ride. Think protein/produce and portable. Snacks like apple and almonds, pistachios and dried apricots, beef jerky and raisins will all do well to take care of munchies and keep you satisfied.

2. Avoid Fast Food
It never fails, while on our way to our destination spot, we either find ourselves at the Starbucks or McDonald’s in the airport or on the highway, taking in far too many calories before we even get to where we are going. You can get this junk food anytime. Save your calories for the holiday meals and treats you really want too have. Avoid these on-the-go temptations by making a point to eat something before you leave or eat some of those travel snacks you packed to help curb your appetite.

3. If you MUST Eat Out...
Or your family does not cook so you find yourself out often, plan ahead and pick one or two of those stops (depending on how often they occur) to have something festive to eat. Make a point to order more supportive meals the rest of the time. Keep in mind that a typical restaurant entree is about 1500 calories – that does not include bread, appetizer or dessert. Aim for grilled chicken or salmon and a big side of fresh steamed veggies.

4. Plan your Splurges
If you know you will be enjoying a holiday feast at dinner, avoid overindulging during breakfast or lunch. Instead make your other meals that day light and more supportive.

Worst Case Scenario....If you have no control over the foods being served around you (family dinners) - there is always something that is halfway good too eat - if anything fill up on the protein and veggies, just have smaller servings of the other dishes. You can even tell yourself you are saving room for dessert. Then when you have some - just watch your portion size.

5. Stay Active
Look for opportunities to be active - even if it is a jaunt in the mall. If you can steal away 5 or 10 minutes - do a mini body weight workout in the bedroom (hotel room). The best travel exercises are squats, lunges, push ups, planks, jumping jacks, etc. You don't need a full 30 minutes to do a couple sets of any exercise.

Finally, know that 3-4 days of being not so good does not erase all the hard work you have done up to this point. You would have to
~ Not move at all
~ Eat an ungodly amount of excess food to gain excess weight

If you eat a not so supportive meal, listen to and pay attention to how you feel and you will naturally want to cut back or fill your body with better choices instead.

I wish you safe journeys and good times with friends and family~

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