Thursday, January 10, 2008

What type of exercise shoes are you wearing?

If you play basketball, you need basketball shoes. Run track? Get some track and field shoes. To play tennis you need tennis shoes right? Right! To workout in your local health club do you need running shoes? Yes and No.

Let me explain, I was training one of my clients and we were (I mean she was:-) doing a lateral movement (side to side) exercise and she lost her footing and fell. She's ok. Luckily there were no objects in the way of her fall. Hint: Always make sure your workout area is safe.

As I was making sure she was ok, I noticed she had running shoes on. Your probably asking yourself, yah! So? Well, when it comes to the type of training you are performing, you need the proper shoe. Not only it improves performance, but it also can prevent injuries.

Now, in my clients particular case what shoe do you think she could've used?

Or let me ask you this...What shoe would be best for exercising to cover all planes of human movement?

If you guessed Cross Trainers. Your RIGHT!

You see, human movement occurs in three planes of movement.
There is...
  • front and back
  • side to side
  • and rotation.

Running shoes are specifically made for running straight forward. NOT side to side.

So, if your training requires you to train in different directions, go with a Cross Trainer. It covers all three planes of movement.

What type of Cross Trainer is best for you? The best Cross Trainer is the one right for you--fits well, performs for you, and most important, it is comfortable and does not give you problems.

When you find the Cross Trainer that is right for you, buy two pairs, and use them on alternating days. Continual sweating will hasten a shoe's eventual breakdown. Alternating pairs of Cross Trainers will allow them to dry thoroughly before the next wearing, extending their life.

It is important to use sport-specific shoes. It's a simple thought, but makes a big difference.


P.S. - Can you guess what type of shoes these guys are wearing ?

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