Tuesday, December 11, 2007

August Rush and Your Fitness

My son Brandon and I went to see a great movie called August Rush.
Although it got low reviews, you can't believe everything you read
unless its from me;-) A definite must see. It's about a young boy
who finds his parents through music.

There is one word that describes the boys determination to find his
parents and that is ACTION. You see, as the late great Albert Einstein
profoundly put it...

"Nothing Happens Until Something Moves."

Here is an acronym for the word ACTION...

Trial and error
No negatives

What does the movie and fitness have in common?

-in the movie the boy aspires to reunite with his parents. You need
to aspire to the fact that you CAN lose fat, you CAN build muscle,
you CAN make changes in your health and fitness.

-in the movie the boy was consistent with his belief that he would
find his parents even though he was told he wouldn't. You need to
be consistent with your program day in and day out. Make that
appointment with yourself or trainer and keep it.

Trial and error
-in the movie the boy made some bad decisions and learned from
them and moved forward. If your fitness program is no longer
working you need to figure out why and what changes are you
going to make to continue progress. What's not measured does
not get managed.


-in the movie the boy stayed on course toward his goal of again
finding his parents. You need to maintain lase-like focus and not
be distracted towards your fitness goals. We all have set backs
and that is ok. I use the analogy of when you would get a flat tire,
you change it and you keep going.

-in the movie the boy was opened to new ideas on how he may
be more effective in finding his parents. You need to take a similar
approach and be open to new and better training methods.

No negatives

-in the movie the boy was never negative on himself nor around
others. Your thoughts become words, your words become action,
your action becomes your destiny.

You can learn so much from others experience if you just take the
time to watch and listen:-)


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