Monday, December 10, 2007

A not so easy, unique, effective way of accomplishing your fitness goal!

If you haven't heard of Adam Waters, you should. Here is a guy who decided to not only tell a few friends, or a couple of family members about his pursuit in changing his body and fitness goals. He decided to go big, BIG TIME! He came up with the idea of telling alot of people. He posted it on Youtube! Talk about having the kahuna's to do such a thing. Now he had a reason to be accountable or face the consequence of emabarrassment in front of millions. It goes back to an earlier post I shared with you to help you reach your fitness goals. Here is a video of Adam Waters amazing physique transformation.

Now, you don't have to go that extreme, but my point is you have to create a strong enough reason for yourself not only start, but follow through with your fitness goals. Obviously Adam Waters had to make changes in his eating and physical habits. He had to change his lifestyle to accomplish his goal. They were incrementally small changes that over time got him results.

Adam Waters followed a fat loss plan that in my opinion is one of the best indepth fat loss programs out there. He followed a burn the fat lifestyle program. It is an ebook by Tom Venuto who is one of the best fat loss experts. You have to have a plan to achieve anything in life. Remember, a mediocre plan applied consistantly is better than the best plan in the world applied haphazardly.


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